Never Dispense Gasoline in an Unapproved Container

With the recent cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline and increasing numbers of cars on the road, gas prices are likely to be higher this Memorial Day weekend. But stations on the East Coast that experienced temporary shortages should now have supplies sufficient for travelers, so don’t start filling plastic bags and laundry hampers with gasoline. Gas can quickly eat through unapproved containers and spill into the surrounding area, The Drive says; then one spark is all it takes to create an explosion and fire. #MemorialDayTips

Check Your Destination’s Guidelines Before Traveling

More than 37 million people are expected to travel over the Memorial Day weekend, AAA says, and those who do should continue to exercise caution against the spread of COVID-19. Travel restrictions are still in effect nationwide, so even fully vaccinated travelers should check their destinations to avoid disruptions, closures and cancellations. Always keep a face mask handy for entering stores or public spaces; many retailers and municipalities are setting their own rules to enhance safety for all patrons. #MemorialDayTips