Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Attainable

Want to keep your New Year’s resolutions? Make them attainable! EcoWatch offers a host of health-conscious suggestions, including eating more unprocessed foods, getting more sleep, cutting down on alcohol, visiting a doctor for a checkup and — perhaps easiest of all — taking a vacation. These resolutions are so simple and sustainable that most people can find ways to satisfy them n an ongoing basis. And one of the keys to creating new-year/new-you success is to experience small successes along the way to a larger, more daunting goal such as losing weight.

Make a Few Rainy-Day Goals

Rainy days are not only good for spring cleaning, says WiseBread, they’re good for pursuing larger goals, too. You might choose to start a savings fund, for example, or get to work on an all-encompassing five-year life plan. You might start a new hobby, or revisit an old one. A dreary day can lend itself to writing, so you might make a journal entry or catch up on correspondence. Hungry? Try a new recipe or better still, make a big batch of meals for the days and weeks ahead. Or just sleep, the story says: “If you’re the type of person who’s chronically under-rested, a rainy weekend day is the perfect time to sleep in.”