Book Your Last-Minute Summer Travel Now

If you’re craving a last-minute #getaway to close the summer on a high note, there’s still time to book a long weekend in #vacation hotspots such as Las Vegas, New Orleans and Myrtle Beach. But if you want something a little less crowded (and likely less expensive, too), Budget Travel suggests, consider destinations such as Bangor, Maine; Portland, Ore.; and Cleveland, Ohio a try; all have a range of lodging, dining and outdoor activities to try. For a more international escape that’s not too far from the U.S., try the Bahamas, Cancun or Guatemala; it’s the off season and you may be able to take advantage of last-minute deals without having to book an overly long flight. #LastMinuteSummerTravel

Hit the Beach Before Summer’s End

The days are getting shorter, kids are returning to school and evening temperatures are starting to cool somewhat. And you still haven’t been to the beach? No worries, Travel & Leisure says — there are options from sea to shining sea. Southern California offers sandy beaches throughout the year, though water temperatures can get cold in the winter months. The Atlantic Coast offers beaches from Maine to Florida, and the Gulf Coast offers more beaches and sport fishing. Further inland, there’s the Great Lakes, New York’s Finger Lakes and thousands of smaller lakes just waiting for you to pull up with a lounge chair and a good book. Plan your last #summer trip now, though, so you don’t miss out on the rest and relaxation or wind up paying more to #travel. #LastMinuteSummerTravel

Get Away From It All Without Going Far

With gasoline prices at near-record highs due to supply chain issues, a #summer #staycation can offer a way to “get away from it all” without a lot of undue expense or hassles. All you might need is a hammock and a pitcher of lemonade, Houzz suggests, to get started. Your staycation might include outdoor games, dining al fresco, running through  sprinkler or going to the beach, reading a good book, or taking a hike. The key is to relax and really connect with your friends, family and surroundings — just like you would if you dropped big bucks on a bucket-list trip.

Plan Your Dream Vacation From Home

Even if you can’t take your dream #vacation this #summer, you can use some #staycation time to plan it, says Maple & Mango. Take an hour or two to learn more about the places you might like to visit and the things you’ll want to do while there. To get any likely travel companions interested in your plan, dip your toes into the area’s culture by cooking a few dishes that are popular at your chosen destination and playing some native music. Better still? Combine your excursion planning and exotic menu with a summer cookout — with suitable beverages, games and/or crafts for all of the adults and children in attendance.

A Good Staycation Has Ground Rules

“A staycation is a simple, frugal way to enjoy time off with your family and live deeply right where you are,” says the Humbled Homemaker. To get started, set ground rules for your #staycation outlining how much cooking you’ll do, which chores you’ll keep up with, whether or not you’ll allow web browsing, and other aspects that may turn your time off into another day at the office. When the appointed date arrives, start acting like you’re on vacation by playing board games, filming a movie, camping out, picking fruit or whatever makes your down time more than ordinary.