Encourage Teens to Celebrate Halloween Safely

Tweens and teens like to go #trick-or-treating on their own, Nationwide Children’s says. But parents can review a few safety tips to ensure they engage in #Halloween fun safely. Review safe walking routes; remind them to visit only homes where the porch light is on and to never enter a strange house or car. If your child is already driving, ask them to obey traffic safety laws and avoid distractions such as cell phones while driving, avoiding prime trick-or-treating hours when younger, costumed kids may be present. “Children get excited during trick-or-treating and may dart out into the road without looking.”

Make Halloween Less Stressful for Pets

#Halloween can be stressful for #pets even if no fireworks are involved. Dogs may act upon their natural instinct to protect the home and bark when strangers ring the bell, the Humane Society of the United States says, making trick-or-treating stressful for everyone involved; cats also prefer a quiet environment. Before the #kids start arriving, put pets in a quiet room, and supply them with a treat some soft music. Consider meeting #trick-or-treaters on the porch to minimize doorbell ringing. And keep candy safely stashed and secured — foods such as chocolate, gum and xylitol are toxic to pets.

Practice Safe Decorating for Halloween

Decorating for #Halloween can be a creative and joyous event. But be aware of fire risks and other #hazards as you prepare to #spook the neighborhood kids, says Travelers Insurance. Walk the property before trick-or-treaters arrive to ensure you haven’t created a tripping hazard with temporary extension cords, for example, and that obstacles are clearly marked. Arrange decorations with traffic flow in mind, and even though darkness is #scarier, make walkways and entryways well-lit. Take care not to overload electrical outlets, and avoid using the use of open flames such as candles — they can easily be kicked over or ignite costume materials.

Keep Kids Safe While Trick-or-Treating

#Halloween is a magical event for kids, with free candy and dress-up fun. Make sure your trick-or-treaters are safe on the sidewalks and streets, says the National Safety Council. A costume shouldn’t be a safety hazard, so choose costumes, wigs and accessories that are fire-resistant. If #children are going out after dark, fasten reflective tape to costumes and bags, or give them glowsticks. Choose nontoxic makeup instead of masks, which can obscure vision, and remove makeup before bed to prevent eye and skin irritation. Children are twice as likely to be hit by a car on Halloween, so have a responsible adult accompany young children on their rounds.

Calling all Ghosts and Goblins: Consider Donating To Us This Year!

Welcome to October, everyone! For many of you, the air is crisp and the leaves are changing and slowly falling to the ground, meaning fall is here to stay. One of the telltale signs of October is the abundant Halloween candy displays in grocery stores. Parents are out buying or making new Halloween costumes for their trick-or-treaters, and planning costume parties for their friends.

While some people will trick-or-treat for candy, ClothingDonations.org will be more than happy to trick-or-treat for your donations this year. All you need to do is fill a bag or box that’s clearly marked with the word “donations.” Have Halloween costumes that your children have outgrown? Have decorations that you no longer have space to display? Donate them to us.

Thinking further ahead, some parts of the country will be experiencing winter before we know it. Take a look in closets and storage bins that contain sweaters, coats, snow pants, hats and mittens. Try these items on and see if they still fit. If they don’t, add them to your donation box or bag. Have children’s books that your own children have outgrown? Add them to the donation pile, too! We know of plenty of people who would really enjoy having these clothes or books.

Once you have your donation bag filled, go to our online donation pick-up request form. Then, leave your donations out near your mail box. We’ll swing by and pick them up, making this a rewarding and stress-free experience for you!