Look for Last-Minute Gifts at the Thrift

With only two days to go until #Christmas, you might want to check the options at a #thrift store supplied by generous #donations to ClothingDonations.org if you’re short on #gifts. Not only do they offer plenty of lightly used goods at nice prices, you can often find unique #gifts that might be just right for a particular person on your list if you browse for a few minutes, no shipping required. And if you’re feeding a crowd over the weekend, you can get necessities such as linens, baking pans, serverware and other essentials for the holiday table — and maybe even the perfect ugly #holiday sweater or white elephant #gift. #HolidayTips

Gardening Season Has Begun

An unusually cold and rainy spring has finally given way to warm and sunny weather in most of the country. If you haven’t yet planted your summer #vegetable or #flower #garden, there is no time like the present.

While starting seeds indoors is the #thriftiest option, you’ll likely need to turn to the local garden center for plants that are ready to go into the ground. Now is the perfect time to plant summer-maturing plants such as corn and tomatoes.

All is not lost if you start a little late, Gilmour says. You can plant a couple of weeks late in the season, or choose vegetables, fruits and flowers that thrive and produce late in the growing season.

You’ll need to prepare the soil for whatever plants you pick. Vegetables grow best in rich, crumbly, loam soil, says Family Handyman. Tilling and amending sandy or clay soils with compost, peat, manure and other soil builders can help plants thrive.

After planting, press the soil surrounding your seedling firmly in place and water as needed. You may need to support plants such as tomatoes (which grow too tall to support their own weight) or send out vines (like grapes and beans).

Why do all of this? Because you can often get a much more flavorful and nutritious end product than you’d ever be able to buy at the grocery store at a fraction of the price. We at The Organizing Blog plant a variety of tomatoes every year for that simple fact. Is there anything better than a #homegrown tomato?

If you prefer decorative gardening, a perennial garden only requires a little bit of thinning each year. That said, you’ll want to weed and tend any beds soon, and help new plants get established to fill in any bare spots.

Container gardens, too, are an excellent option for those low on space. To slash the cost of getting started or adding to a container garden, shop the #thrift stores supplied by generous donations to ClothingDonations.org for lightly used pots and window boxes.

Whatever you decide to grow, gardening can be a relaxing and rewarding hobby that requires only a little bit of attention each week. And the time to get started is now!

Donations Should Be Somebody’s Treasure

One person’s trash is another’s treasure, as the saying goes—unless it’s just trash. When preparing charitable donations, “make sure what you donate is only clutter to you,” says Home Storage Solutions. “It defeats the purpose when we make a charity pay money to haul away our trash for us.” Turn ripped, torn and stained clothing into rags, and leave those damaged, broken and nonfunctioning appliances at the curb.

Calling all Ghosts and Goblins: Consider Donating To Us This Year!

Welcome to October, everyone! For many of you, the air is crisp and the leaves are changing and slowly falling to the ground, meaning fall is here to stay. One of the telltale signs of October is the abundant Halloween candy displays in grocery stores. Parents are out buying or making new Halloween costumes for their trick-or-treaters, and planning costume parties for their friends.

While some people will trick-or-treat for candy, ClothingDonations.org will be more than happy to trick-or-treat for your donations this year. All you need to do is fill a bag or box that’s clearly marked with the word “donations.” Have Halloween costumes that your children have outgrown? Have decorations that you no longer have space to display? Donate them to us.

Thinking further ahead, some parts of the country will be experiencing winter before we know it. Take a look in closets and storage bins that contain sweaters, coats, snow pants, hats and mittens. Try these items on and see if they still fit. If they don’t, add them to your donation box or bag. Have children’s books that your own children have outgrown? Add them to the donation pile, too! We know of plenty of people who would really enjoy having these clothes or books.

Once you have your donation bag filled, go to our online donation pick-up request form. Then, leave your donations out near your mail box. We’ll swing by and pick them up, making this a rewarding and stress-free experience for you!