VVA Helps Veterans Suffering From PTSD

Evidenced-based treatments can reduce the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in about half of the veterans who suffer them. While peer support and some brief interventions are helpful, Vietnam Veterans of America advocates for or continuing-care models with trained clinicians to help more veterans cope long-term. Your generous #donations of used clothing and household items to ClothingDonations.org can help fund such advocacy efforts and improvements in care.

Dedicate Your Donations to Veteran Benefits

With the help of donations of lightly used clothing, household items and other goods to ClothingDonations.org, the Vietnam Veterans Association (VVA) represents the nation’s 21.5 million veterans in Washington, D.C., to ensure that every one can access all of the compensation and medical benefits to which they are entitled. In addition, the association helps veterans one-on-one in filing VA claims, achieving financial independence and more. Your donations can go a long way toward fulfilling the promises the country has made to the men and women who serve.