Use Bins to Organize Attic Storage

Plastic stacking bins are best for attic storage, says, since they can keep stuff dry and free of pests. Use bins to store non-fabric items and label them whenever possible so that you can locate what you need, when you need it. “It’s not necessary to fill each container initially,” the blog says. “What is necessary is to categorize your storage containers so they can handle future growth.” Also, be sure to review what you have in attic storage each year, weeding out anything you aren’t using or don’t want and donating it to a charity such as

What Not to Store in an Unfinished Attic

When #storing extra stuff in the attic, remember that the area is subject to rapid changes in heat and humidity that can damage the things you want to store, Reader’s Digest says. Excess heat and humidity will ruin photos and fine art fast, as well as dry out wooden furniture and musical instruments. Books and electronics are also vulnerable to rapid changes in heat and humidity. Keep such items in a climate-controlled room or storage unit. To avoid fires, never put batteries, aerosol cans and other flammable items in the attic.  Attics can easily be 40 degrees hotter than occupied areas of the home.

Is Your Attic Ready for Storage?

To prepare your attic for #storage, first make an assessment of its structural integrity, The Spruce says. Look for signs of leaks on the underside of the roof or interior condensation to ensure that your stored stuff will remain dry. Be aware that the attic may not already have joists and flooring capable of supporting your weight or that of your stuff; to avoid sticking your foot through the ceiling of a room below, you may need to install a plank or plywood platform that can support the weight of yourself your stuff. Then you may be able to install shelves and platforms to hold and store select items.

Using Your Attic Space for Storage

Many people — especially those with older homes — use their attics for #storage. These areas offer an out-of-the-way place to keep extra stuff. Therein lies a problem, however: Once stored in the attic, stuff is out of sight and out of mind. Attics can turn into a jumble as you hastily put things there or conduct a frantic search for a single, specific item; and stuff can then turn into a fire hazard and attract pests. To safely use your attic for storage, SpaceWise says, first clear out the entire space, trash anything that’s no longer useable and donate the stuff you don’t want to an organization such as