KeepIng Your Car’s Interior Clean in Winter

Cars can take a beating in the dead of winter. Dead leaves, slush, snow, ice and road salt can build up inside, making it constant battle to keep a car clean and comfortable. Inside, keep a trash bag, since the winter weather may keep you from hopping out whenever you see a convenient receptacle. Invest in a set of weatherproof floormats to keep the carpeting clean. Have a small box of wipes ready to clean the glass and plastic surfaces. Or garage your “nice” car in winter, suggests CarThrottle, instead using public transportation or buying a beater that can handle the snowy, sloppy weather.

Try These Ingenious Car-Cleaning ‘Hacks’

Need a few good car-cleaning “hacks?” Business Insider suggests using cola to remove dead bugs from your windshield, getting into hard-to-reach areas with a paint stick or screwdriver, and using the static of a blown-up balloon to pull pet hair off of upholstery. A can of compressed air is great for dusting out vents, and an old blanket can provide a handy (and washable) way to curtail messes from kids and pets. Finally, try lining your car’s cupholders with silicone baking cups, the article says, to prevent moisture, dirt and grime from building up inside them.

Deep-Clean Your Car’s Interior

Has summer done a number on the cleanliness of your car? Kids’ activities, road trips and visits to the beach and dog park can add to interior dirt. With the weather turning cool and winter on the way, now’s the time to give your car’s cabin a thorough scrubdown. Start by grabbing two garbage bags, A Mess Free Life suggests; use one for trash and the other for things in your car that really belong elsewhere. Then “go to town” with the vacuum cleaner to get into cracks and crevices, the article says, and wipe all surfaces. Finally, clean the glass with a cloth or newspaper, using a reach-and-clean tool for slanted windshields.