Let Your Garage Protect Your Car—Not all of Your Stuff!

You may have already done your spring cleaning and had your garage sale, but often times there is one spot people forget to clean: the garage. This seems like an obvious place to clean and organize, but for many people, the garage is a place where things get stored when there’s no other place to put them.

This means that items actually meant to be in the garage—cars, yard equipment and power tools—become displaced because there isn’t room for them. Does this sound like your garage? Have no fear! We’ve done some research on the best way to tackle a garage that is overrun with clutter. Thanks to our friends at This Old House, we’ve been able to put together some helpful ideas for taming your garage.

  1. Pick a day to clean your garage. Circle it on your calendar, put it in your smartphone, or write it on a sticky note. Setting a specific date will ensure that you will actually clean your garage and not put it off.
  2. Go through everything. No box, crate, or storage shelf is off-limits. You never know what you’ve put in your garage. Think of all the hidden and forgotten treasures you can find!
  3. Put your findings into four piles: “keep, donate, sell or toss.” This will help you stay organized, and it will allow you to easily see what you have. Some items may be damaged beyond repair, so it’s best to ditch them. Some gently used items, though, would be great for donating!
  4. Place your donation pile in a box or bag. Then, give ClothingDonations.org a call, or fill out a donation pickup form online. We’ll come to pick up your donation, and we’ll make sure your items go to a loving home. The best part is that your donations help fund programs for our veterans—your contributions won’t go unnoticed!

These are just a few ideas for cleaning out your garage. What are you waiting for? Go uncover your buried treasure now!

Summer Vacation Doesn’t Have to Mean Summer Clutter!

We can hear it now—the final bell ringing that announces the end of another school year, the bus pulling up to your driveway, and dropping your kids off for a fun, sunshine-filled summer vacation. Or maybe you’re returning home with a college student who is all finished with their first year.

Either situation means that your house will be full of people all day, which makes it more difficult to maintain a clean and organized home. What’s more, your kids will be bringing home locker storage units, unused school supplies, and dorm room furniture that they may no longer need.

If you just spring cleaned and organized your belongings for garage sales, you don’t want to refill your home with more stuff! What can you do?

Consider having the kids immediately sort through their belongings as soon as they get home. In the excitement for summer vacation, they may drop their things at the door and run off to their first summer adventure. By having your kids sort through their school supplies and determine whether they’ll need the futon for their dorm room next year, you can get ahead of the clutter now.

Once they’ve sorted through their belongings, have them place unused school supplies and dorm room items, such as hangers or old clothes, into a box. Then visit ClothingDonations.org to schedule a donation pickup time. We will gladly take any dorm room furniture that is in good condition, too.

Give us a call today to keep your home spacious and clean!