Fall Fashion Trends for Kids!

Trendy clothing is not just for women and men anymore. Fashionable clothing for children is more readily available than ever before, according to a multitude of magazines.

Gone are the days when kids needed just jeans, a few T-shirts and tennis shoes to complete their wardrobes. As it turns out, kids like to look good, too!

Here are some kid-friendly fashion trends for fall:

  • Classic looks that are right out of high-fashion magazines, with practical material suited for active youngsters
  • Mother-daughter and father-son outfits
  • Jewelry, scarfs, belts and other accessories that copy adult styles
  • Material with patterns that resemble watercolor and other kid-like artwork
  • Colors of beige, cream, light blue, sand and coffee
  • Folk-art embellishments such as embroideries, lace, appliques and ribbon
  • Velour material, which is comfortable and manufactured with cotton
  • Materials that emphasize comfort such as denim, corduroy and knitwear
  • Convertible fashions that use zippers or buttons to create shorts or long pants and short or long sleeves. These fashions also allow for additional wear as your children grow.

However you decide to dress your children, make sure the clothing is easy to care for and comfortable to wear. For example, don’t dress your toddler in a full-length dress; she’s sure to trap her shoes in the hem and take a tumble. Here are some additional tips:

  • Try to avoid clothing that must be dry-cleaned.
  • If you’re purchasing a dress with lace, make sure it’s soft and won’t irritate your youngster’s skin.
  • Look for clothing without tags; tags can even make an adult cry.
  • Be sure to sort through your child’s closet and dressers several times a year and donate outgrown items.

As you bring on board new items, it’s a good time to think about what’s already in your kids’ closets and drawers that they may have outgrown, or no longer wear. Gather up those gently used items and give us a call. We’ll be glad to stop by to pick them up; your donations will go toward helping our veterans!