Resisting the Presidents’ Day Promotions

The Founding Fathers would never have believed the range of merchandise that American consumers have available today, though George Washington and Abraham Lincoln probably would have enjoyed advanced dental care and mattresses that weren’t stuffed with horsehair. Some of the best deals of the year are available on Presidents’ Day weekend, however, so if you’re in the market for a new vacuum, mattress or couch, now’s the time to buy. Good Housekeeping lists some of the biggest promotions, but The Organizing Blog urges readers to refrain from buying anything just because it’s a good deal; #stuff you don’t need creates #clutter. #PresidentsDay

George Washington, Presidential Pen Pal

Many of the “facts” people know about George Washington are actually myths. The cherry tree anecdote was fabricated by a creative biographer, he powdered his real hair rather than wearing a wig, and he never wore wooden teeth, instead relying on dentures made of ivory, brass, horse teeth and human teeth. But Washington established expectations for all U.S. presidents to come and was a prolific letter-writer, says Mental Floss, writing between 18,000 and and 22,000 letters during his lifetime. Those papers are now historic, but today, people can correspond with much less #waste and #clutter. #PresidentsDay

Honest Abe Had a Problem With Clutter

As a young lawyer, Abraham Lincoln “was a frightfully #messy person” who stored important speeches in his hat in order to not lose them in the #clutter, according to President Lincoln’s Cottage. “Papers, briefs, letters and notes scattered to the four corners of his office,” and his desk had an envelope on it marked, “When you can’t find it anywhere else, look into this.” As revered as Lincoln is for his accomplishments as president, take advantage of this Presidents Day to clear your desk or another space of space of clutter — and donate any lightly used #stuff to #PresidentsDay

U.S. Presidents Aren’t Immune to Clutter

The holiday reserved to celebrate the birthdays of founding fathers George Washington and Abraham Lincoln is often recognized with sales on mattresses and other household goods. But U.S. presidents had a range of organizing habits, says Franklin Delano Roosevelt, for example, had bookshelves built into every available space in his “Little White House” in Warm Springs, Georgia. His successor, Harry S Truman, had a desk built of scrap wood from a White House renovation that had at least 10 drawers, but nonetheless attracted a lot of stacks of important paperwork. So if #clutter ever gets you down, remember that  it’s a problem even for the most powerful. #PresidentsDay

Celebrate Presidents’ Day with Veterans

Presidents’ Day means more than mattress sales. The holiday is also a great day to celebrate those who have served to protect this great nation, like founding father George Washington did. Many veterans provide 21-gun salutes at ceremonies and parades, and non-naturalized soldiers often pick Presidents’ Day to take their oath of citizenship. Support your local veterans in person this Monday, or make a donation at