Clothing Donations Are Still Safe Under Delta

With coronavirus cases again on the rise due to the highly contagious Delta variant, remember that clothing donations can be made without coming into close contact with other people or risking viral transmission. Put lightly used clothing and household goods into boxes and bags, contact to schedule a convenient, contactless pickup, and place those boxes and bags in the designated area on the scheduled day. A truck will whisk that used stuff away and leave you a receipt for tax purposes.

Mask Up for Travel and Crowds, Experts Say

As #coronavirus infections started to slow this spring, more people started traveling and attending in-person events such as outdoor concerts. With the #Delta variant causing viral hotspots nationwide, experts told CNBC, the best protection is to get vaccinated. But you should also “mask up” in any situation where you must be in close proximity to others and especially in a confined space. If you attend a big festival or travel, the safest strategy is to quarantine from immune-compromised or elderly relatives and friends and monitor yourself for COVID symptoms for 10–14 days.

Rise in COVID Cases Spurs Renewed Mask Guidance

Cases of the #coronavirus are again increasing due to the #Delta variant, which is estimated to be approximately three times as transmissible as the original COVID strain, NPR says. While surges are biggest where vaccination rates are low, even vaccinated people are being advised to wear masks when in close proximity to others since they can still spread the virus. The available vaccines are extremely effective at preventing viral transmission and serious illness, however, with “breakthrough” infections affecting only about 0.1% of all fully vaccinated people. #COVIDSafety

Never Leave Kids, Pets in the Car

Acting like miniature greenhouses, car interiors heat up fast in the #summer sun. Never leave children, elderly relatives or pets inside a hot car; all are extremely vulnerable to heatstroke and serious trauma or death can occur within minutes — even if the windows are cracked or it doesn’t seem “that” hot. Keep a bottle of cool water on hand to spritz yourself and your kids on hot summer days, The New York Times suggests, or have them run through a sprinkler or splash — fully supervised — in a pool. #SummerSafetyTips