Rainy-Day Crafts for Kids

Inclement spring days can be torture for younger kids stuck inside, especially during spring break. Parents can keep kids entertained (and give them a chance exercise their creativity) by engaging in a few fun craft projects. Better Homes & Gardens suggests decorating a lunchbox and making braided or button bracelets. Bottle-cap magnets and decorated picture frames will be handy for posting other masterpieces and family photos to the fridge and walls, while handcrafted greeting cards will let family and friends know that the kids care. The options are limitless, even if other activities are rained out.

Rainy Days Are a Natural for Spring Cleaning

Use rainy days to deep-clean your home this spring, Mom Intelligence says. Start with a top-down cleaning of the kitchen, starting with the tops of the cabinets and refrigerator to the floor, throwing out foodstuffs, spices and other items that are stale or unused. Don’t skip the oven, but wait until you can open a window if it is not a self-cleaning model. Next, use the top-down strategy for the living room and bedrooms, too: Sweep the cobwebs from the ceiling; dust the top sides of shelves, books and frames; and wash or vacuum the pillows, upholstery and floor. Finally, wash the windows; when the weather clears up, you can clean the other side and let the summer sun come streaming in.

Tackle a Rainy-Day Organization Project

Rainy spring days are a great time to head to your garage or attic to ensure that the seasonal housewares and decorations you dragged out for the holidays are stored in an orderly fashion. Bed, Bath & Beyond suggests emptying storage areas completely and sorting out all of the “keepers,” placing them in labeled, reusable bins, and putting them back on the shelves. Anything that doesn’t make the cut and is still in usable shape can go into boxes and bags for your next ClothingDonations.org pickup. And the junk? Send it to the curb!