Congrats to the Dads & Grads

June is the month of #dads and #grads. Different accomplishments, yes — but the two events can get you #celebrating all month long.

Father’s Day is straightforward enough: You #thank dear old dad for helping raise the family. That may involve cooking a favorite meal, taking him to a game or concert, or any number of other gestures to show how much you appreciate him.

Grads are a little more complicated. You want to mark the milestone and give them a good sendoff if they’re heading to college. This often involves the ceremony, a big potluck, friends and family from various eras of their young lives, and more.

Good #gifts include anything they will need as they move toward independence with nominal life skills: air fryers, a decent set of sheets, maybe a new laptop. And just as practical, Oprah Daily says, are gift cards and cash they can spend on meals and other supplies.

If you really want to go overboard for a college-bound teen, the latest celebration idea is a college reveal party, TLC says. While are a bit controversial, the new trend often includes parties decorated in college colors, “reveal” photoshoots and mailed announcements.

New graduates should take a few days during the summer to #declutter the #stuff that has amassed over the first 18 years of their lives, Making My Way says: “You obviously can’t bring everything to college, and storing everything is just too much of a hassle.”

Want to cut the #clutter and pad your teen’s pockets before sending them off to an expensive trade school, college or university? Ask them to #organize, #declutter, and sell their excess #junk at a #garage or #yard #sale. They can keep the cash to fund the first year.

Dads can benefit from a good #decluttering, too. They usually have even more years’ worth of accumulated #stuff they can afford to part with, and some of them may be getting older and need to #downsize.

You can always #donate that extra #stuff to — and that donation will help fund valuable #veterans programs. Best wishes to the dads and grads this month!

Clutter-Free Gifts for the Grad

Recent graduates don’t have a lot of stuff (yet), but that’s no reason to give them things that add to the #clutter unnecessarily. Instead of a single-purpose kitchen appliance or inspirational plaque to hang on the wall, give the grad a subscription to Blue Apron or a local farm co-op to help them eat right and hone their cooking skills. A Fitbit will help them track healthy exercise habits, Business Insider says, while an e-reader will furnish lifelong learning without the burden of books. Similarly, digital subscriptions and gift cards to services such as Netflix and Lyft will be appreciated without taking up a lot of space.

His & Hers Graduation Gifts

“You can do better than just shake their hand and sliding them a crisp $20 bill” when giving a #graduation gift, says The Today Show. Shopping for for a male high-school graduate? Try giving a quality pillow, a watch, a pair of shower sandals or a portable turntable (yes, for vinyl records). For the female grad headed off to school, the show suggests a phone case, robe, sleep mask or electric toothbrush. For the new college grad, a backpack or briefcase, noise-canceling headphones, a cookbook, coffeemaker or passport case might be the thing they didn’t already know they needed for the years ahead.

Giving Grads Something Other Than Cash

Money always makes a good #graduation gift, especially if the #graduate in question is going away to school. But if you’re in the mood to offer the new graduate a practical, wrappable gift, Real Simple suggests giving them an instant camera or day planner to document the many moments of their new adult life. Electronics such as Bluetooth trackers and portable chargers will keep their phone available and ready to place calls and texts home when they need more money. Storage bins are an essential dorm room accessory, and a kit of simple household tools will be treasured at unforeseen moments.

Creative Ideas for a Graduation Party

If you plan on hosting a #graduation party this year, get creative! Try filling a piñata with assorted fun-sized treats and rolled-up dollar-bill “diplomas,” says Fun Squared, or bake up a batch of “smart cookies.” Good gifts include a do-it-yourself laundry starter kit for college (laundry bag, detergent and quarters), or a new wallet with a gift card inside. Make a cash bouquet or garland to help get the grad off on the right foot, or fold bills into mini tassel caps. Anything that helps ease the graduate into adult life (and helps avoid crippling debt) will be appreciated.