When Dads Create Clutter

As #Father’s Day approaches, you may be thinking about ways to celebrate dear old #dad. Depending on his pastimes, a pizza oven, automotive accessory or gadgety gift may be in his very near future. But before you buy, consider for a second how dads create #clutter.

It may be a gross generalization to say that moms probably think about clutter and household #organization more. In a consumerist society, individuals of every gender can accumulate lots of #stuff as time goes by, and that stuff can pile up around the house.

But surveys say that women often spend more time cleaning than their spouses. They are also more adept at planning work-related tasks, travel and holiday celebrations. They largely dominate the professional #organizer field.

Dads may be prone to let things pile up. And they many build vast collections of tools, garden implements, collectibles and other highly specific and specialized #stuff that’s seldom used on a day-to-day basis.

If you have one of those dads, try to make Father’s Day a day free of added clutter. Focus on the experience: buy him tickets to a ball game, a round of golf or an online class. Or go for something consumable, such as a nice steak dinner — in or out — or a bottle of his favorite spirit.

Like with moms, you also can give the gift of #organization by actively helping #clean, sort and consolidate his stuff. Wash his car or have it professionally detailed. Install pegboard organizers in his home office or workshop. Help him clean out a storage closet or the garage.

If you find anything he no longer needs or wants, schedule a free #donation #pickup from ClothingDonations.org. That way, you’ll assist in clearing the extra unwanted #junk from the home environment, which will make dad’s life less stressful overall.

The best gift for any parent is not only #clutter-free, it’s also virtually free: spending quality time together. So whether he’s a hoarder or a neat-freak, that’s the best way to honor dad on Father’s Day. #FathersDay

Make Room for New Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is behind us now, but we hope that all of the mothers out there had a great day celebrating the special work they do every day in raising their kids. We especially want to extend happy Mother’s Day wishes to all of the military moms who are serving overseas and weren’t able to be with their children — and to the moms who are raising their children while their husbands serve.

If you’re a mom with young children, you probably received homemade gifts that your children made while at school. Whether it’s an art project, handmade card, or other thoughtful, adorable gift, you’ll want to show it off for the next few weeks. Looking around your home, though, you might realize that you don’t have the surface space to properly show your gift off.

It might be time for you to tackle some spring cleaning, or take inventory of your home decor. Do you have picture frames that are better at collecting dust than preserving memories? Is that painting above your mantel carrying sentimental value, or is it a placeholder? Go through the rooms in your home where you have knick-knacks, paintings, lamps and other home decor items that may no longer be needed or wanted.

If they’re covered in dust or you’ve actually forgotten that they’re there, it’s probably time to get rid of them. Don’t think they’ll sell in your annual garage sale? Donate them to us! Along with  clothes and kitchenware, we can collect decor donations. All you have to do is visit our website, schedule a donation pickup time, and place your items in a bag or box marked “for donation.” We’ll take care of the rest while to admire your Mother’s Day gifts! Your donation helps fund our veterans programs, so donate today!

(And don’t worry dads—your day is coming up soon!)