Get the Kids to Craft for Mom

To help the kids thank Mom, start a craft project. It’s fun and easy to make your own cards, fridge magnets, candles, bath bombs, earrings and other gifts, Woman’s Day says. Plus, unique, handcrafted gifts will brighten her Mother’s Day (and likely many more days to come) while encouraging children’s creativity. Materials for craft projects are often much less expensive than buying a similar item from a boutique, and many household items on the magazine’s list of more than 30 suggestions can be sourced from a local thrift that resells the goods donated to

Time and Effort Make the Best Gifts

Sometimes the best gifts don’t have to cost a thing. On Mother’s Day, dedicate your time and energy instead, Money Crashers says. Mow the lawn and do the yardwork; vacuum and wash her car; make her breakfast in bed or let her sleep in for once, the site says; Mom will appreciate the effort, and these gifts will only cost a little bit of time to show you care. Another suggestion? Clean that old junk out of the garage, hall closet or basement, and contact for a pickup. If your Mom is anything like ours, she will appreciate the newly decluttered and organized space.

Shop the Thrift for Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 13 is Mother’s Day, and if you’re on a budget, you’re probably looking for a good way give Mom a nice gift without looking cheap. Start at the thrift store; there are often plenty of lightly used treasures there that are ready to wrap and give. The thrift can also offer items that form the foundation of a craft project that repurposes used goods in a glamorous new way. Better still, many of the items sold at your local thrift store come from donations to, so that DIY project will not only provide Mom with a heartfelt appreciation, it will also help fund crucial veterans’ programs throughout the country.

Make an Unforgettable Mother’s Day Brunch

Sometimes, the best Mother’s Day gift is to let Mom sleep late and do all of the cooking for an unforgettable brunch. The Food Network offers 28 breakfast and brunch ideas that are sure to warm her heart, such as a breakfast tart with pancetta and green onions and lemon-blueberry pancakes. Pick out easy, fun-to-make recipes and get the kids involved; not only will it teach them valuable skills they can use later in life, but it will also keep them out of Mom’s hair for a while.

A Trash-to-Treasure Mother’s Day

Feeling crafty? A handmade Mother’s Day gift is a great way to show you care, and Country Living magazine has more than 50 ideas for turning trash into treasure with a little bit of paint, a dab of glue and a thoughtful inscription. Many of the source materials can be found at local thrift stores (some supplied by generous donations to and repurposed to make whimsical wares that Mom can cherish, use and display for years to come.