Help Pets Stay Cool During the Dog Days

During the “dog days” of summer, remember that all pets can get dehydrated quickly, says Karen Pryor’s Clicker Training blog. Furnish them with plenty of fresh water and shade, avoid exercising them too hard, and keep them indoors in extreme heat. If you see symptoms of overheating such as excessive panting, drooling or weakness, get your pet to a cool place and contact a vet immediately. Keep dogs off of hot asphalt and sand, and never leave any animals alone in a parked vehicle. Car interiors can heat up to dangerous temperatures in minutes even on relatively mild days, putting pets in danger of heatstroke and death.

Keep Pets Clean During the Dog Days

The “dog days” of summer may remind you just how much hair and dirt your four-legged friends bring into the home. Fortunately, warm weather affords pet parents the opportunity to treat their dogs to an outdoor spa day that results in less fur and dirt in the home, the American Kennel Club says. Wash your dog with a gentle dog shampoo (or flea shampoo if necessary), and brush them once dry to reduce shedding. Inside the home, keep harsh chemical cleaning products out of pets’ reach and consider using pet-friendly cleaning solutions that contain only vinegar or baking soda. Wash pet bedding regularly, and you’ll be able to cut down on pet odors, too.

Celebrate the Dog Days With Your Pet

The “dog days” of summer can be beastly hot, but they can be a great time to take your pup on an adventure, Vetstreet says. Go to the beach, take a nature hike, play in the park or go on an evening walk; just be sure your pet is ready for warm-weather exercise and keep plenty of fresh water on hand to keep him or her hydrated. You can also try making your own “pupsicles” to reward your furry friend with a special treat inexpensively after you’re done with your outdoor quality time.

The Dog Days of Summer

The dog days of summer, it turns out, have nothing to do with one’s four-legged friends according to Mental Floss. Sirius, the Dog Star, is the brightest star in the sky in August, and the ancient Greeks believed that it added to the sun’s heat. If you have kids, they’ll be getting a little bit restless in the heat with the clock running out on summer vacation. Take them to the beach or pool to help them cool off naturally. If not, string up a few water balloon piñatas, suggests Milk Allergy Mom, and have a backyard water party. The kids will have a blast while beating the heat. Water-loving dogs can join in the fun, too!

Décor for the Fastidious Pet Parent

As a pet parent, your décor can affect how much dirt enters the home and stays, says Modern Dog. To keep dirt from getting in, use doormats and washable throw rugs at entrances to catch some of what those dirty paws track in; you can also keep a paw towel or footbath near the door for rainy days. Put trays under food bowls to catch any overflow or messes. And finally, pick out low-pile rugs, stain-resistant fabrics, and leather or vinyl upholstery, so that hair and stains will present less of a problem.