Show off Those Summer Whites

Labor Day is the last day of the summer season, and the last day traditional fashionistas say that it’s OK to wear white. While few people still observe the archaic fashion rule, the SheKnows blog says, what better time to throw a White Party? Wear your best monochromatics and serve only finger foods that have little potential to stain for an elegant end-of-summer occasion. After the party, you can pack your summer whites away for the next season, or donate them to

If it doesn’t fit, donate it!

Sporting equipment, practice clothes, or a regular springtime wardrobe, it doesn’t matter. If something doesn’t fit or it’s no longer being worn or used, donate it! If you donate clothes, sports equipment, or other items to, you help support our veterans programs! Simply go online, schedule a donation pickup time, and we’ll take care of the rest!