Plan Your Dream Vacation From Home

Even if you can’t take your dream #vacation this #summer, you can use some #staycation time to plan it, says Maple & Mango. Take an hour or two to learn more about the places you might like to visit and the things you’ll want to do while there. To get any likely travel companions interested in your plan, dip your toes into the area’s culture by cooking a few dishes that are popular at your chosen destination and playing some native music. Better still? Combine your excursion planning and exotic menu with a summer cookout — with suitable beverages, games and/or crafts for all of the adults and children in attendance.

A Good Staycation Has Ground Rules

“A staycation is a simple, frugal way to enjoy time off with your family and live deeply right where you are,” says the Humbled Homemaker. To get started, set ground rules for your #staycation outlining how much cooking you’ll do, which chores you’ll keep up with, whether or not you’ll allow web browsing, and other aspects that may turn your time off into another day at the office. When the appointed date arrives, start acting like you’re on vacation by playing board games, filming a movie, camping out, picking fruit or whatever makes your down time more than ordinary.

Avoid Travel Chaos with a Staycation

Summer #travel is already chaotic, CNN reports, with crowded flights, rising prices and sudden cancellations. But you can have an adventure close to home if you take a day off for a #staycation, says NerdWallet. You can be a tourist in your home town or nearest big city by searching guidebooks for interesting and “new to you” attractions, dine at a restaurant you’ve never tried before or finally go to that quirky museum. If you have kids, you might want to add games, a movie night or a scavenger hunt. Whatever you decide to do, the secret to a successful staycation is to enjoy the local surroundings while setting work and chores aside for a day or long weekend.

Protect Against Insect Bites

In many regions, outdoor activities such as hiking and camping are accompanied by the annoyance and discomfort of insect bites. Use insect repellents that contain DEET or Picaridin, Banner Health says, and read labels to ensure you apply them correctly. To make yourself less of a target for mosquitoes, biting flies, wasps and other insects, wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothing in muted colors, and avoid heavily scented soaps or perfumes. Keep your shoes on when outdoors and consider draping beds in mosquito netting to keep those itchy bites to a minimum. #SummerSafetyTips

Live Like a Local to Save Money When Traveling

One way to #save money on #summer #travel is to live like a local. No matter where you go, shopping at markets and grocery stores and making meals at your vacation rental will save money over eating in a restaurant three times per day. Likewise when you do dine out: Patronize restaurants that offer the local cuisine, says the Travel Channel, and you will pay locals’ prices. And if you want to splurge on a fancy destination restaurant without blowing your entire travel budget, go for lunch; you’ll get to sample most of its signature dishes at lower prices — and often without making a reservation. #SummerTravel