Spring-Clean During the Spring Rains

There’s no better time than a rainy spring day to “clean and organize something really well,” says Apartment Therapy. The site suggests scrubbing and #decluttering the kitchen cupboards, sorting through a linen closet and organizing the home library, but there are likely a number of areas in your home that could benefit from a carefully considered purge and wipedown. Take advantage of the weather and contact ClothingDonations.org for a donation pickup when you’re done sorting through that stuff; the proceeds from your donations will help fund veterans’ programs nationwide.

To Garage Sale or To Donate? That is The Question!

Spring is officially underway, friends! We’ve cracked open the windows, spring cleaned, and made a pile of clothes and other items we no longer need. Now, what should we do with them?

For most of us, the answer is simple: have a garage sale. Holding a garage sale seems like a natural step after spring cleaning. It’s a way for our belongings to find purpose and meaning with someone else who will use them, and it’s also a great way to make some quick cash.

While it’s validating to sell your things, it’s also great to donate your former treasures. Here are five reasons you should consider donating your clothes and possessions instead of selling them:

  1. It feels good. When donating to a cause we care about, we feel good. Instead of holding a garage sale, consider donating your gently used items? Even better—when you donate to ClothingDonations.org, you’re helping veterans. With last Saturday being Armed Forces Day, the timing could not be more perfect. Consider making a donation to us today!
  2. Planning a garage sale is stressful. Garage sales can take weeks of planning and preparation. We know how busy everyone is, so do yourself (and us!) a favor: donate your items. We make the process easy and painless, so there’s no need to stress out!
  3. Donations are tax-deductible. Donations made to ClothingDonations.org are tax-deductible—all the more reason to donate your gently used items!
  4. It declutters your home. Having a decluttered home should be enough incentive to donate your clothes. Imagine all of the extra space you’ll have. Sounds good, right? Donate today!
  5. It’s easy! Simply place your items in a donation box, and schedule a donation pickup with ClothingDonations.org. We’ll swing by and make sure your donated goods are given to loving homes.

Now that we’ve given you some pretty compelling reasons to donate your belongings instead of selling them, the question is this—when will you schedule your donation pickup?

Prepare Your Closets — It’s Time for Spring!

Spring is all about new beginnings and fresh starts. It’s a time when the idea of “spring cleaning” elicits excitement, rather than dread or drudgery, because we know sunshine and warm weather are right around the corner. We open the windows, let in the fresh air, and begin to think about the areas around our homes that need sprucing up or decluttering. One obvious area that generally demands our attention each spring is our closet. In fact, after a long winter of bulky jackets, sweaters, and boots, it’s difficult to actually know what’s even in your closet.

Better Homes and Gardens has some great ideas for decluttering your home this spring, especially your closets. When looking through your clothes, they suggest asking yourself these three questions:

  • Is it flattering?
  • Do I love it?
  • Does it represent who I am today?

If the answer is “no” to at least one of those questions, you should probably donate it. They also recommend cleaning your closet each fall and spring in order to keep your home feeling clean. To simplify this task, keep a laundry basket in your closet that’s designated for donations. Every so often, pick a piece of clothing that you haven’t worn in the last few months, and drop it in the donation basket. It’s that simple!

After you’ve filled your donation basket, give us a call or schedule a pickup online. We’d love to take your new and gently used clothes off your hands. And, most importantly, your donation will go to a good cause: programs that address the needs and concerns of veterans. So, fill up your donation basket, schedule a pickup, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Happy spring!