Set Goals to Make Decluttering Actionable

Set goals to help #declutter your home fast and with a sense of purpose, says Blast Aloud; otherwise, you’ll wind up procrastinating. Goals can be based upon a number of items you want to get rid of or keep, the period of time you want to dedicate to #organizing a specific room, how often you want to declutter, or how much space you want to reclaim. Than take action! “There is no way a goal or a plan will automatically execute itself,” the blog says. “The sooner you start taking the necessary action, the faster the whole process becomes. Irrespective of how difficult it might seem to start off, rest assured, it will be easier once you commence.”

Try Decluttering in One-Hour Bursts

To blow through your #decluttering fast, says Be More With Less blogger Courtney Carver, try doing #organizing “bursts” in which you get rid of 100 things in 60 minutes. Set up a box for #trash and one for #donations and set the timer; you’re going to go quickly from space to space and eliminate items from each. Have a list of areas in hand and a number in mind, she says: Count off 10 items from the bathroom, 20 items from the kitchen, 10 items from the car and so on. Before you know it, you’ll have made a big dent in all that useless #stuff — and likely will have assembled a substantial #charitable #donation for #pickup.

Declutter Like a Lion This March

Do you want to #declutter fearlessly — like a lion — this March? Pretend you’re moving, says KCET blogger Linda Ly. One makes tough decisions about what’s worth #packing during a move — and often comes up with big piles of bags and boxes to #donate. “When it comes to deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, ask yourself: If you were making a major move this week, would you spend time or money to move that item?” If you really want to get ruthless, she adds, pretend you’re moving not just across town, but to another city or state. Would you pay good money to ship that dinged-up pan, dusty old #tchotchke or ill-fitting pair of pants across the country?

Tackle Decluttering Tasks With Gusto

Whether or not March comes in like a lion, this is a great time of year to tackle #decluttering tasks with gusto. If you want to #declutter with intensity, you should dedicate an hour or two at a time to the task as often as possible, says Simple Lionheart Life. But even if your decluttering style is more about consistency (10 minutes per day?) than intensity, you’ll have to be ruthless about those #keep, #trash, #donate decisions to be effective. “The more you get rid of during each decluttering session, the quicker you’ll clear the #clutter now rather than having to go back and do more decluttering later,” the site says.

Ruthless Ways to Declutter a Clothes Closet

If you want to get ruthless in #decluttering your #closet, set a maximum number of hangers or limits on how many of which category of garment you will keep, says Simple Lionheart Life. You can track garment usage to ensure that only your favorites stay in rotation by turning the hangers in your closet around; after you wear an item, put it back hanging the right way. Any garments still hanging backward at the end of the season can likely be #donated. Or for a more immediate #purge, imagine yourself wearing each item of clothing or outfit when you run into an old friend or acquaintance — would you look and feel your best at that moment?